b'Kerstin BrtschBorn in Hamburg, Germany, in 1979, Kerstin Brtsch received her MFA from Columbia University, New York. She is known for her experimental approach to painting, constantly challenging herself, exploring new tech-niques and reviving old, almost forgotten ones. She develops her work through collaborations with experts skilled in various fields, from crafts-people to computer programmers, psychics, and shamans. When she moved to New York, she became fascinated by the citys storefront psychics and fortune tellers. She has said that she is interested in depicting something thats invisible but exists, like energy or spirits. She is interested in the cir-culation of images in the digital era. Brtsch made her Fossil Psychic for Christa (Stucco Marmo) works using the stucco marmo technique, a process dating from the seventeenth century in which plaster, pigment, and glue are treated to imitate marble or other stones. Marble can contain fossils, traces of prehistoric life forms, and in her stucco marmo pieces Brtsch likes to recycle earlier artworks, as if fos-silized brushstrokes were tracing the gestures of painting. Some of these works are named after Renaissance artists to whom they pay homage, as in Ave Pontormo Muro (Pink), one of a group commissioned for the Terrace Caf of New Yorks Museum of Modern Art. Fossil Psychic for Christa(Stucco Marmo), 2020Plaster, pigments, glue, wax, and oil on honeycomb48 c. 86605 cm'