Information about the fund’s management, board and partners.

Investment Committee

Lars Nittve – Chairman

Deborah Gunn

Niklas Belenius

Compliance Committee

Richard Goldman

Jens Tillqvist

Bo Ahlstrand

Board of Directors

Niklas Belenius – Chairman

Johan Dettel

Rodney Alfvén

Jonas Höglund – Chief Executive Officer

Other information

AIF Manager – AIFM Capital AB

Accountants – Grant Thornton (Principal auditor: Olof Nordgaard)

Depository – Intertrust (Sweden) AB

Issuing agent – Nordic Issuing AB

Market maker – Pareto Securities AB

Legal advisors – Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå KB

Tax advisor – Svalner

Insurance – AXA

Storages – MTAB (Sweden) and Delaware Freeport (USA)