Arte Collectum will work actively to lend works to exhibitions, which in turn will make the art more accessible to the public. We will also use our unique expertise and networks to make the works available to curators and to facilitate the process of exhibiting the acquired works. Arte Collectum will acquire artwork from the primary market, which supports artists and local art scenes. The current mega trend of revisionism and our focus on women and minorities will not only be price driven, but also support equality and justice in the art market to make it more socially sustainable.

Arte Collectum intends to store the artworks in a thoughtful manner and only transport them long distance when it is required. Furthermore, we will strive to the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport when artwork needs to be transported. Any decision to invest in the fund needs to be be made in consideration of all factors, properties or objectives of the fund, as described in the prospectus and information brochure.

Fund information relating to sustainability will be available at

Arte Collectum active member of the Gallery Climate Coalition

The Gallery Climate Coalition is an international charity and member organisation that provides guidelines for environmental sustainability in the art industry. The organization is working to reduce CO2 emissions in the sector by no less than 50% by 2030 (in accordance with the Paris Agreement).

The five “Rs” constitute a guide to managing and reducing waste, and follow a clear hierarchy: Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Recycle. The most important information and the main recommendation is that recycling is the last option.