The fund is an alternative investment fund (AIF) which was formed as a limited liability company, Arte Collectum I AB. The fund is regulated by the Companies Act and the the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act. The shares in the fund comprise equity and profit-sharing loans (Debentures). The terms and conditions for the Debentures will regulate fund repayment and return.

The fund has a pre-determined maturity of six years and an investment period of three years. In normal market conditions, all fund assets will be sold within the six- year maturity. In abnormal market conditions, it is possible to extend the maturity of the fund by up to two years. Throughout the fund’s maturity there will be potential for profit sharing. However, an investment in the fund should be considered as an investment throughout its entire lifetime.

The Debentures, which are denominated in EUR are to be traded on NGM Nordic AIF and registered with Euroclear Sweden AB, prepared in accordance with Swedish law and issued to the holder. The Debentures are issued by the fund for the purpose of raising capital to invest in art that the Investment Committee finds appropriate and which, in terms of orientation and categories, aligns with the investment guidelines for the fund.

If the investment develops in a positive direction, the intention is for the investors to receive repayment of the Debentures’ nominal amount plus profit sharing. In profit sharing, the investor receives 80 percent and Arte Collectum receives 20 percent. The members of the Investment Committee receives no current remuneration from the fund, only a performance- based compensation in the form of profit sharing. The Chair of the Investment Committee also receives a considerable share of their expected remuneration in the form of profit sharing.

This constitutes marketing communication. Nothing in this marketing communication shall be deemed to constitute financial, legal or other advice. Investors are encouraged to read the prospectus, information brochure and Key Information Document for Arte Collectum I AB before making any investment decisions. Investing in the fund entails a risk. Historic returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Any capital invested in the fund may both increase and decrease in value, and it is not assured that an investor receives all of the invested capital back.