The primary task of the Investment Committee is to create as large an appreciation in value as possible for the underlying art collection throughout the maturity of the investment. The Investment Committee has extensive and far-reaching experience in the global art market and has, historically in previous positions, purchased art for 2 billion euros combined, and they have been successful in trading and value accretion.


Lars Nittve is the Chair of the Investment Committee. Lars has 45 years’ experience of the global art market and has spent many years as head and responsible for the creation of major museums of modern and contemporary art, such as Louisiana in Denmark, Tate Modern in London, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and was also the director and founder of the M+ art museum in Hong Kong, as well as having worked as an art critic, curator and university lecturer. Lars has wide-ranging knowledge of most aspects of 20th and 21st century art, but with a specific interest as well as insight into specific areas, such as:

Lars has been involved in museum acquisitions to a value of around 200 million euro, and is a leading expert on building collections in collaboration with galleries, auction houses and collectors.


Deborah Gunn is a member of the Investment Committee. She has more than 15 years’ experience of building and shaping collections within a range of different artistic genres. Deborah lives in Seattle and was formerly the assistant director and head of all transactions at the Art Finance Vulcan Art Collections (Microsoft founder Paul Allen’s collection). She has made thousands of acquisitions, including several notable art transactions over the past decade, with impressive returns over the years. Deborah has exceptional access to galleries and dealers around the world and is very familiar with all aspects of due diligence for the purchase, sale and value accretion of art. Deborah believes in the persistent human imperative to create and enjoy art, as well as its lasting cultural impact, and has a particular passion for:

Deborah is a leading international specialist in art investments.


Niklas Belenius is a member of the Investment Committee. He is a third-generation art dealer and collector. Niklas has more than 20 years’ experience of the gallery industry, including 15 years of successfully running his own gallery. Niklas has a wide-ranging network of contacts at prominent international galleries. He has specialised in emerging contemporary art, primarily from the Nordics, Europe and the USA with a particular focus on painting. Niklas has a special passion for:

Niklas’s strengths include his ability to analyse the art market, predicting changes and trends, as well as his intuitive flair for investing in art that generates high returns. He also has extensive experience of working closely with artists and collectors, as well as of facilitating the international careers of emerging and as yet undiscovered artists – an important aspect of the Investment Committee’s strategy.