Fund origin

Historically speaking, a small number of major global banks and private joint ventures have been successful with art investments in similar funds. Achieving success requires that the Investment Committee has extensive expertise and experience in trading art that has the potential to appreciate in value. To promote artists, build provenance and create an accelerated appreciation in value, the Investment Committee and the Arte Collectum team will strive to include artworks held by the fund in prestigious museum exhibitions around the world, and to publish them in journals and books. Arte Collectum has its own compliance function, the Compliance Committee, whose main task is to minimise conflicts of interest and ensure that the authenticity and provenance of the artworks are verified. Effective decision-making procedures have also been established between the Investment and Compliance committees, which enable the fund to act on specific purchasing opportunities with short lead times.

Fund share owners

Arte Collectum intends to regularly send out updates about the development of the fund to the fund share owners with information about the latest purchases, artists’ biographies, etc. We are also aiming to invite fund share owners to an annual meeting in Stockholm where the Investment Committee present the art portfolio and the events of the year, as well as to arrange trips to Art Basel, Frieze or the Venice Biennial where the Investment Committee, lead by Lars Nittve, will act as guides.