b"Howardena PindellHowardena Pindell was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1943. After studying at Boston University, she received her MFA from Yale in 1967. She then began working at New York's Museum of Modern Art, where she stayed in various departments and positions for twelve years. In 1972 she was a co-founder of A. I. R., the first artist-run gallery for women artists in the United States. She teaches and lectures at various universities. Pindell is interested in seriality and her elaborate work processes have conceptual and metaphorical aspects. In the early 1970s, she started to make paintings and collages featuring dots, reminiscent of both Minimalism and pointillism. Here, small, round, confettilike pieces of paper, made using a hole punch on sheets of differently painted papers, go onto the canvas, while the negative spaces left behind as holes in the sheets of paper can then be used as stencils, producing painted surfaces that are vibrant and shimmering with light and color. Pindell has also worked in other media, especially video. Inspired by the feminist movement and the Black Arts Movement, her work addresses sociopolitical issues such as racism, home-lessness, war, and identity, themes that became more overt in her sometimes autobiographical work from the 1980s onward.Untitled, 1971Acrylic on canvas120 176.5179.1 cm 121"