b'Olga de AmaralOlga de Amaral was born in 1932 in Bogot, Colombia. In 1954, after studies in architectural drafting, she received a scholarship to study textiles at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, outside Detroit, where she learned to weave. In 1969 she was part of the group exhibition Wall Hangings at New Yorks Museum of Modern Art. After living in Barcelona and Paris in the 1970s she returned to Colombia. Amarals art fuses traditional techniques with innovation and experiment, and influences from South Americas indigenous pre-Columbian culture with modern and contemporary abstract art. The woven sculptures she creates hang freely from the walls, articulating the surrounding space. Her Woven Walls can function as architecture while also being both painterly and sculp-tural. Amaral weaves with a wide range of materialslinen, wool, horsehair, gold leaf, polyethyleneto create rich and complex textures that capture and reflect light, sometimes to the point where they recall Byzantine mosaics. Her reds, blues, and often golds can be dazzlingly intense. Amaral has spoken of the spiritual in her art. In a lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in 2003, she stated, As I build these surfaces, I create spaces of medita-tion, contemplation, and reflection. Exhibited in :Olga de Amaral, Lisson Gallery, London, September 23October 29, 2022The Light of Spirit, Espace Expression, Miami, FL, April 12,2018February 17, 2019Olga de Amaral : entre pueblos, Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko, Paris, France, 2010Estructuras y Esculturas : Jim y Olga de Amaral, Galera Club El Nogal, Bogot, Colombia, 2009Literature /Press :Olga de Amaral, Lisson Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2023 Moyano Ortiz, Juan Carlos, Olga de Amaral : el manto de la memoria, Paris : Editions Agnes Monplaisir, 2015, p. 112Olga de Amaral : Signatures, Galerie Agnes Monplaisir, Paris, Bogot : Amaral Editores, 2012, p. 25Olga de Amaral : entre pueblos, Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko, Paris, Bogot : Amaral Editores, 2010, p. 33Strata XV, 2009Linen, gesso, acrylic,and gold leaf 26 2252013 cm'