b'Lynne DrexlerLynne Drexler (19281999), was born in Newport News, Virginia. After trav-eling in Europe, she went to New York to study under Hans Hofmann. This much-loved teacher may have passed on to her his admiration for Henri Matisse, as well as Wassily Kandinskys ideas about painting as a form of visual music. After her first gallery exhibition, in 1961, Drexler met the abstract paint-er John Hultberg, whom she soon married. Hultbergs career was more establishedhe had teaching positions in Mexico, California, Hawaii, and Maineand Drexlers own career suffered from the many relocations. But despite Hultbergs alcoholism and her own periods of depression, she con-tinued to make intensely beautiful paintings, perhaps as a form of resist-ance to a difficult life. Like many artists, especially women, she received little recognition in her lifetime. After living for some years in New Yorks Chelsea Hotel, she found more peace to work on Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine. Drexlers abstract paintings are inspired by nature and feature strong complementary colors, often in square patches suggesting a kind of larger pointillism, or the mosaic quality of Gustav Klimts paintings. Her expres-sive colorism and sometimes swirling brushstrokes have also led to com-parisons with Vincent van Gogh. Exhibited in :Lynne Drexler : The First Decade, Mnuchin Gallery /Berry Campbell, New York, October 27December 17, 2022Literature /Press :Lynne Drexler : The First Decade, Mnuchin Gallery /Berry Campbell, New York, illustrated in catalogue, 2022Untitled, c. 1961Oil on canvas 64 154.9146.7 cm'