b'Rosalyn DrexlerBorn in New York in 1926, Rosalyn Drexler studied at the citys Hunter Col-lege for a semester but left to marry the artist Sherman Drexler. The couple moved to Berkeley, California, where she began to make informal found-object assemblages inspired by Abstract Expressionism and the aesthetics of the Beat generation, exhibiting these in 1955. Soon returning to New York, Drexler continued to exhibit, and by 1961 was becoming influenced by Pop art. She had several solo shows and was one of the few women to participate in Pop art exhibitions and receive positive reviews. She is also a writer of many novels and an award-winning screenwriter.Drexler cuts out images from popular-culture materials such as adver-tisements,pulp-fictionbookcovers,andB-movieposters,thenenlarges and paints over them in vibrant colors, often isolating them against a mono-chrome background. She often deals with such issues as racism and miso-gynistviolence.Inhercollagepainting Kiss Me, Stupid,amankissesa woman, his firm grip on her wrist showing that he is forcing himself on her. The title, however, suggests a Hollywood movie, romantic or comic (perhaps the Billy Wilder film Kiss Me, Stupid, released late in the year the work was made), and a culture with just a few, stereotyped roles for women to play.Exhibited in :Rosalyn Drexler : Intimate Emotions, University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, November 1, 1986January 11, 1987; Greenville County Museum of Art, South Carolina, September 9October 12, 1986 ; Grey Art Gallery and Study Center, New York University, New York, July 14August 28, 1986 Rosalyn Drexler, The Contemporary Gallery, Jewish Community Center, Kansas City, Missouri, November 424, 1967 Kiss Me, Stupid, 1964Acrylic and paper collage on canvas 68 50.8 x 61 cm 69'